The benefits of shopping at Sky High Smoke Shop

Sky High Smoke Shop is a premier online retailer destination designed to meet the needs of smokers everywhere. There are a lot of benefits to shopping at Sky High Smoke Shop, and to prove it, here’s some highlights.

Based in the USA

Sky High Smoke Shop is based in the United States of America and only sells products made in the USA. When you buy from Sky High Smoke Shop, you’re supporting an American business and the American craftspeople and manufacturers that make our products. You also get that high level of American quality that’s hard to find online, which is something we pride ourselves on.

Made in America quality

Sky High Smoke Shop’s products are exclusively made in America, so you, the consumer, reap the benefits of American skill, dedication and work ethic. Additionally, Sky High Smoke Shop’s products are all quality tested to ensure they meet your exacting standards. Only products that pass the rigorous quality testing wind out up for sale on their online headshop.


Sky High Smoke Shop is second to none when it comes to variety, offering all the latest and greatest smoking equipment and apparatuses to enrich your smoking life. Beakers, bongs, bubblers, glass pipes, waterpipes and more—Sky High Smoke Shop has them all. Each category is filled with tons of products to suit even the most refined tastes and needs. So, whether you are looking for vaporizers or scientific glass, Sky High Smoke Shop is guaranteed to have the products to best fit your needs.


Not only does Sky High Smoke Shop carry all of the smoking equipment you could hope for, we also carry a variety of must-have smoking accessories, like herb cutters, rolling papers, ash trays and more. We have thought of everything and put it all in one place, for a once stop smoke shop experience.

Sales and promos


Sky High Smoke Shop frequently offers sales on high quality products so even the most strapped for cash will have access to high-grade bongs and other pieces of equipment you may not otherwise indulge in if they were at full-price. With a wide selection of products on sale, you will always be able to find something you’ll like for a discounted price.

Sky High Smoke Shop has an email mailing list where you can sign up to receive exclusive weekly promo codes for additional savings, giving you additional ways to save.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sky High Smoke Shop stands behind the products on the site, as well as our customers. If you’re not satisfied with any product, we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee. Additionally, we have customer service where you can actually reach a person to discuss your concerns should you have any. Our commitment to our customers sets us apart from other online headshops.

Discreet shipping and billing

Not everyone wants to have the words “headshop” emblazoned across the packages they receive, which is understandable. Discretion is important at Sky High Smoke Shop; all products are shipped in discreet packaging, so even the nosiest of neighbors will never know what’s in the box. Your privacy is of the utmost importance at Sky High Smoke Shop; for that reason, billing is also discreet, with charges being listed under “DHS Online Inc.”

Durable packaging

Unlike other online headshops that may leave you hanging, Sky High Smoke Shop’s packaging has undergone rigorous testing to ensure glass products remain safe and unbroken. And on the rare occasion that breakage does occur, Sky High Smoke Shop will replace unused products.

Extensive product details

Some headshops may offer a lot of products—with little to no info. This is not the Sky High Smoke Shop way. At Sky High Smoke Shop, product pages are full of product-specific details to ensure you know all of the details about the product you’re looking at, like the material it’s made from, where it’s made (USA), product dimensions, as well as additional, unique, product-specific insights that you won’t find at other nameless headshops. Sky High Smoke Shop wants to educate our new smokers while providing old hands the highly detailed information they need to make their decisions. This way, you have the info you need to be confident with your purchase.

Clean layout

Shopping at an online headshop should be relaxing, which is why Sky High Smoke Shop is designed with a nice, clean layout that makes shopping feel like a walk in the park. Everything is clearly labeled, tagged and categorized, so if you know what you’re looking for, you can jump right to it—without having to jump through hoops. With clearly labeled prices, SKUs, and a shopping cart, all the info you need is clearly visible, immediately zapping any headache potential.